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The protein skimmer on the tank is a big one I am guessing a 3 gallon since it was more for the 150 gallon. The live rock will be more for fun I suppose than turning it into a reef.....time, money and aggravation. Don't get me wrong though, I love a beautiful tank, but I also know about the work. Test kits I do have and things seem to be good. I do have an RO unit but I did not use it for this water addition due to time factors. The coralife lighting unit was supposed to be with this tank but unfortunately went off with another tank. I am in serious consideration of purchasing the same unit as I am familiar with it. The ideas about making my own light are good suggestions, I am just not as familiar I guess with that. I should add that this particular fish is 3.5 inches in length......I know this because I just held the ruler up to the tank. I picked this fish out when it was super small. I was just reading on some tangs and I realized that some readers may have the impression that this fish is really large......I have to say he will be staying because I will be moving again since this is a flip house, if the fish needs the space (and I have it also) I will do a full tank upgrade with sump then. I am going to have to make decisions here also about putting coral (better for calcium, but stains from algae) or live sand. The bare bottom with sifted sand looks terrible!!! I know for sure I will NOT be putting any of the artificial rocks or dead fan corals in rock with 265+watt lighting should get me by. I do appreciate everyones input because it helps me think on other dimensions of this tank.

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