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Pseudochromis dilectus vs. steenei

I just picked up a beautiful dottyback, but I'm a bit concerned that s/he may not be the species I think s/he is -- I was told this is a P. dilectus, but after looking them up these fish look remarkably similar to P. steenei, which are apparently much more aggressive (though I know I didn't exactly purchase a pussycat). My current stock (tang, swallowtail angel, dwarf angel, damsels) should live happily with most Pseudos, but steenei dottybacks are known to make any tank into a species tank by killing all their tankmates; if s/he turns out to be the wrong species I'm in trouble.

I couldn't get a pic earlier, as s/he is hiding in a narrow PVC tube in the QT, so I'm hoping someone can give me a definitive characteristic for either species that I can look for on my fish. I know male steenei dottys have a white line behind their eyes, and my fish doesn't have this, but it could still be a female or maybe young males don't have this mark.

Thanks for any help or ideas

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