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Tank Covering

After my clown jumped into the overflow and had a ride in the u-tube, I figured I needed to do something. I had some light diffusers, but also herd of small fish being able to jump through them. Someone on another thread mentioned some netting that they used, so I went looking. I first found some bulk roll purchases for "garden netting" to keep rodents out. I went looking for it at Home Depot today and found some plastic "bird netting". It is supposed to be UV and weather resistant. The opening isn't much smaller than the light diffuser and it is black. I would prefer clear or white, but will give it a try. There is a plastic ledge around the top of the tank where the glass would rest. I am going to drill and tap some small holes and find some plastic screws. Then I am going to stretch the netting around the screws. I have T5 lighting, so I don't have to worry about melting the stuff. Think it would work?

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