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Re: Optimizing/modding old ER CS12-1

Originally posted by elmosz1
Hi, I need some help.

I have an old Euroreef CS12-1. Its salient specs are 24 inch height, 12 inch body diameter, 4 1/2 inch neck diameter, fed by two needlewheel
SEDRA KSP5000. Neither is recirculating. Skimmer is in-sump.

I will be using on heavily stocked 180 gal mainly sps reef which will also use a chaeto refugium and activated charcoal.

Should I?

1. Clean well and use as is?
2. Mesh mod the impellers?
3. Make one(or both)Sedra 5000 a recirc pump?
4. Consider another brand recirc pump?
5. Other ideas?

Thanks for your time.
MY ER skimmer is the 12-2 which I converted to RC & it definantly works better that way! MY POS GenX pumps crapped out on me so I am experimenting with the Sicce pumps + meshmod. I had some troubles but due to this forum I am getting closer to having it running. If I was you, I would at least run 1 of the pumps in RC which is what I probably should of done when I converted mine. It's easy to do & then you do not have to go through the expense of buying another pump to feed your skimmer.

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