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Originally posted by euroreef

Actually the flow rate through the sump does affect skimmer performance. The slower the flow rate through the sump, the larger the amount of NEW aquarium water the skimmer will be able to process with each pass. Your skimmer will be more efficient if you slow the flow rate down to 2-3 times the system volume per hour max.

Hope that helps

Mark,...Jeff maybe one of you can clear something up for me ?
if my over flow is 600gph and so is my pump what would be the best way to slow the flow of the sump down to 2x or 3x the total system volume ?

ball valve on return pump ?
ball valve on pump and overflow ?

and when figuring in total system volume for a skimmer are you talking about display volume or display & sump total volume ?

right now I'm just using a large open 30gal Rubbermaid bin for a sump with no baffles... and can't afford to build or buy a purpose sump for a little bit.

thanks for any insight.

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