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I hate to ask but I'm a bit confused by some of this. I just bought a 6 lamp T5HO system (72" over a 125g) and I wonder if I can keep a clam in it. I think by reading through this I might be ok if the clam is higher up in the tank. Is that right? The configuration of the bulbs is (12x39) 2 purple, 2 white and 8 blue lamps. I'm thinking I might need to exchange one of the blue for another 10k?

125g Aqueon Drilled Mixed Reef, Eshopps R-200 Sump/Refugium, 1200gph pump, Reef Octopus NWB150, 72 AquaticLife Six-Lamp T5-HO (12x39 Watt) with Lunar LEDs, Fluval FX5 Canister; (3) Koralia Powerheads
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