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Originally Posted by acer View Post
LOL- Just trying to remember the equipment what what it does. Wish I had some instructions- I think I knew this when I bought the stuff, but because I never used it, I am pretty clueless now.

1) Can it monitor PH ( it has a PH probe input)? So just plug in a PH probe and hit the select button until it comes to the PH and then it displays the PH? How to calibrate or is this self explanatory once I plug in the unit and select PH. Will any PH probe work - or are there specific AC3/Neptune type of probes needed?
yes it can monitor ph. You need tonfollow the instructions about how to calibrate the probe and then program it. Very useful to control a ca reactor.
2) Does it control pumps, etc. I think i remember the pump control = on/off via the DC8 plugs.

3) I assume it does the same for lights = on/off via the DC8.
Yes for both
4) AUTO top off +/or dose with kalk water via float switch via on/off DC8 plug
Yes, but you need to connect the float switch by the breakout box
5) The Temp port seems to be a phone line input- how do you use this?
The temp probe has the phone line at the end of the cable, you just need to connect the temp probe to the controller and thats it. I think it does not need calibrarion.
Once I know the capabilities I can then figure out the programming works.

Do I run an the Ethernet cable or a different much longer cat5 cable from the unit to my router or do I run it to a PC/laptop in order to interface with the unit and program and monitor remotely?
Both of them can works. I have access to my ac3 by any device on my LAN by wifi and I configure it to send me an email if something needs my attention.
Sorry to be a pain. I am also searching and reading AC3 info all over the internet to try and remember how to use this. I know at one time this was the latest and greatest.

Edit- Found and downloaded owners manual
I can recommend to download the kenargo simulator. It permits you to save your configuration on your pc and permits to keep comments on your code. Permits simulate and validate the code and import and export to your ac3. Very useful tool.
If you need more assistance including code, let me know.

Good luck! [emoji106]

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