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Question Interesting situation...55 Gallon tank

Hello to all,

I have some questions about an unusual setup. I have aquired a purple tang and some live rock from a 180 gallon setup that my ex husband got rid of. I had 40 gallons of the water transfered to a temp tank until I had moved into my new house.

I am moved in.....kinda and I just set up the 55 gallon. I went over and removed the tang all of the water and rocks and brought them to my new house. The water is in and I have added the correct amount of fresh water (due to high salinity from evaporation before transport) and the rest of the water I have added over a 24 hour period with salt of course. I have a nice refractometer (sp?) so the water is finally in a good place of a little above .020.

I did not have a light so I put the flourescent from the old freshwater set up ontop and left it on for about 12 hours. So this is it....the tank has a protein skimmer running on the one end, the temp is good, I put a whisper filter on the back to get rid of rock die off. The tang is doing well and "stuff" is just blooming out all over the rocks.....which were in a reef type set up. I think there are some some anomies, feather dusters etc super small of course.

Basically this is an established tank just in a new spot. This set up should be ok for the short is an issue at the moment and I just wanted some feedback about what anyone has to say about the set up and what they would recommend. I have watched my ex's 180 with 75 gallon sump for some time so it is not like I am jumping in head first........since this is technically established how about adding a few more fish?? Good idea?? I am also nervous for the little things popping up all over the rocks.......I expected algae only. I am not sure why they came about with a regular strip light.........but I like them and I don't want them to just up and die either. Any help would be nice.

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