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Looks like my perception was off. Looks like I did find through some searching some people that have reported testing under 1400.

But looks like so far overall you can expect to get around what the 2009 results were.

Calcium 490's
Alk 12-13
Mg: 1400's

What I have so far for RC

Reef Crystals
9/30/2009 77F 35ppt 490 13 1440
1/30/2016 78F 35ppt 440 15 1240
2/25/2016 1.027sg 450 10.3 1350
3/14/2016 77F 35ppt 550 11.8 1560
3/15/2016 77F 35ppt 530 12.2 1530

AVG 492.00 12.46 1424.00

rebuild and recovery log:
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