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Travis, where are you looking to buy at? Take your time, and look at the nieghborhood just as much as the house. Drive through around 6 to 8 PM without a realtor. Keep an eye out for large barking dogs, and punk gang type idiots that may be your new nieghbors lol. Get any inspection and survey that they have. Don't skimp on the inspection. I did once and it cost me big $$$. As for insurance, i have always used SF, and they have always been there when it counts. Don't know how thier prices compare, but a few dollars won't matter when your roof gets ripped off. Pay close attention to the taxes. Taxes are drasticly different from one area to another. Also don't over extend yourself on the payment. It WILL go UP. Your payment will increase every time the taxes and insurance does. My payment here has gone up $127 in 2 years, and my last house was about the same increase. As for a realtor, i really don't think it matters too much. I like to go find a house i like, and call the realtor on the sign. The real estate bussiness is very strongly regulated and the realtors generally follow the laws to the letter. I used my own one time, and it just seemed to add confusion to the dealing. Look at the date the house was listed before making an offer. A house that has been listed for 3 months or more is more likely to take an offer of a lot less than the list price. The house i have now was listed for $115,000, and had been listed for 6 months, I bought it for $85,000. The realtor told me no way when i made the offer, but the seller was tierd of waiting and took it. I have been here for exactly 2 years now and it now would easily sell for $250,000. That is why renting is such a waste of money. Go to your accountant and your banker, and find out how much you can spend, and go find a house, it's the best thing you will ever do.
This is the list the realtors use to search homes. Ofcoarse they have more listings and better access, but it is a good place to start seaching at.

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