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Hey Travis, good luck! Knowing that the money that you pay every month is not rent, really feels good.

I would definitely agree with checking out the neighborhood at various times of day. We have done that a few times while looking for houses, and have been glad we did.

Now would be a perfect time to scope out neighborhoods for rental properties. Their signs are out due to the students leaving. Agreed with above, if you can, stay out of rental neighborhoods.

I am with Youngsilver on this one, if you need some help on a fixer upper, I can help. I, for good or bad, have become a jack of all trades, and master of none. Hence, my houses here in Perkins.

Actually, Rach and I will be selling our houses and moving up to Stillwater relatively soon, and we are looking for a fixer upper. Given the fact that any house, we will go in and do renivations to how we like it, might as well not pay for the remodel twice.

As she puts it, we are looking for a house with good bones, yet needs a good facelift.

Anything I can do to help you out, (a back to help carry things, fixing up new house, etc.) just give me a buzz!

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