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Also do not by the nicest or largest house in the neighborhood!!!! It my be nicer or bigger, but its value isn't any higher. If a there are several similar house for sale in the same neighborhood, they should all be close to the same price. I am against buying a realator redo. The only thing that they usually do to the house is clean the house, replace carpet and paint!!! They charge you triple the cost of what you could have contracted the workout or save even more and do it yourself!!!

Be open minded when you are looking at houses. You would be supprised what is inside sometimes.

Oh, and for your mortgage go with a bank you are familar with. Not sure what you have in Stillwater, but here BOK has one of the best "names" for mortgages.

One last note.... I personally hate home owners associations, but that is just me, so find out if there is one, before you put an offer on the table.

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