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125 acrylic, Deltec, Tunze, Iwaki, ect. in NW indiana.

For sale is a 125 high (60"x18"X24") acrylic reef-ready tank with matching black acrylic cabinet. Made by IPI - the brand that Old Town Aquarium sells.

Wet dry sump also made by IPI.

Tunze 6000 pump with multicontroller and magnets.

Deltec Ap600 skimmer with newish pump.

Current USA led light strip

Iwaki pressure rated pump (American motor)

Kent RODI (needs new filters)

80ish pounds of rock: Tonga branch, Tonga shelf, Bali, Figi - nice stuff, large pieces. Rock has been bleached and rinsed.

20 gallon QT setup.

32 gallon Brute with wheel kit.

Magnavore magnet

Box of salt (probably hardened).

Various odds and ends.

$700 takes it all. I'm getting sick of paying for storage. It needs to go. More info upon request. Local pickup in Northwest Indiana.

The bake sale to raise money for the carwash has been cancelled - due to confusion.

Current Tank Info: 125 fowlr: 280watts VHO, 75LBS of mixed rock, Deltec AP600 skimmer, wet dry, GRi 518 return pump, 15 watt Aqua UV,(2) tunze 6000 on a 7095, goldflake angel(RIP), flame angel(8 years old), mitratus butterfly, yellow tang, majestic rabbitfsih
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