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Re: Filtering a 10g nano????

Originally posted by Husky_1
Ok guys, I think I have decided on the lighting that I will be using for my upcoming 10g nano project, the coralife 20" 96w. Now I have started thinking about filtering. I plan on being sumpless and skimmer less, this of course may change.

Originally I was thinking that I was going to do an aqua clear 70 HOB mod, but don't like the way lighting looks on it, plus I would really prefer everything to be contained into the confines of the one tank. I saw a thread a few days ago where someone took a 2.5g tank, bent some acrylic and made and internal overflow filter. I was pretty intrigued by this idea and thought that I may go with something similar.

Then I saw the Current USA SubCurrent Internal Filter w/ Pump. This pushed 160gph, and does everything I want it to do. I would end up replacing the bioballs with a phosban section. But in general the foot print is reasonable, the price is good, and the flow is just about what I want anyway.

So what is the general consensus on this piece of equipment? Is it good, or would I be throwing my money away?

I really appreciate the help....My next topics will be Macro algae/Mangroves in tank...
I really wouldnt get PC's, first off a 96w can be dangerous i heard, and the output isnt nearly as good as t5's or hqi. If i were you i would go for like a 70w k2 viper, or a sunpod, or get some t5 retrofits from icecap. Icecap

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