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Originally posted by ctreefer
Here's a possible solution, but its probably a bit more work. It resembles what you were talking about with the 5.5 gallon only externally. I bought this from a local fish store that had gotten a bunch of these from somewhere. I really like the idea as it hides everything to the back of the tank so it frees up the full tank for corals. All it had for filtration was a mj 1000 in the refugium pumping water into the tank. The heater was in the refug as well as some LR rubble and some chaeto. You could do this internally as you mentioned. The only drawback is lesser space in the tank.

I used some cheapo T5 light strips from Nova. 3 bulbs for this setup that were 18 inches and only 9 watts. I placed the individual reflectors behind these and called it a day. That plus a SSB and this was the best little tank I've ever had. I loved it so much I upgraded to a 37 cube based on the same principle and so far so good.

Anyways, just another possible solution. Good luck!
CTreefer, thanks for the heads up. Thats definitely another idea and is clean I will think about the external. Is that tank drilled or was it on a U-tube, I see something in the pic that looks like it could be a bulkhead, but then I see the utube as well?

As far as the lights, you were able to fit the single reflectors in the strip? That sounds like a great idea, do you happen to have the part information on the light and the reflectors? Also what were you able to keep under these?

Thanks for the info,

As far as the

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