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Dale, yes you're seeing it right. Its drilled at one end for a bulkhead and the closer side is a u tube coming off the mj. take a look in my gallery I think on pg 6 and it has more pictures.

As far as the lights go, here's currents link to their description of the product:

They only come in 2 types. a 10K white and an actinic version, but the colors seem to work well if you do a 2 actinic to 1 10k ratio.

The reflectors aren't going to be in an optimal distance from the bulbs as they would be with a reefgeek or icecap retro. There's not much space to slide the reflectors between the bulb and the lamp housing. I'm not sure how much efficiency I'm getting out of them, but I'm sure its better than a single reflector for the whole setup. I've found these strips for as cheap as $12.98 online in both 10K and actinic. I had 3 over my 10 with homeade reflectors based on the design of my reflectors I bought from reefgeek. (I was going the cheapo route). In regards to what I can grow, here's a link to my 37 build that's using the 24 inch strips. It also has a pic of my 10 gallon before I broke it down. All softies and some lps and a few montipora caps and digitata. Nice color and growth while slow with the montis is acceptable. Everything else really loves the light level.

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