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Originally posted by sixball
As others have stated, only the Naso and Tuskfish are appropriate tankmates for your eppie from your list. Parrotfish would not be good choice at all, for a multitude of reasons, and buttefly's are generally a no-no. I have never had a problem mixing tangs with sharks. Other safe bets are groupers, larger wrasses, and some of the mild mannered moray's (i.e. not a tessalata).

Also, your statement about not letting them grow beyond 10" is a little amusing. There is nothing you can do to stop the growth of any of these fish short of killing them. Please plan an appropriately sized system for whatever you decide to keep.
why would parrotfish not be a good tankmate? I had my bicolor with a bamboo for a long time without any problems, and I have known ppl who have had hte same experience? Not trying to call you out, Im just curious on what the multitude of problems you claim are?

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