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Ya, I had a S+S puffer and a Juv emperor angel (along w/ some other fish) in the same tank as my bamboo. I wrote a whole thread on an easy way to adapt an angel to a shark a while back. It worked out great, and I never an into any problems with the setup.

From experience, Its not the animals temperament, but how it is raised, If you raise an angel or a puffer in their juvi stage along with a shark thats is too small to eat them, then they can coexist in their environment. The angel will have no reason to attack the shark and vice versa. However, A large angel + small shark or vice versa could be hit or miss. From the size of your eppie, I wouldnt risk it. My bamboo was raised w/ an angel since its birth, and the emp was 1 inch.

I never ran into a problem w/ the S+S puffer most likely because their sleep cycles seemed to be a mirror of each other, so while the shark was active, the S+S was sleeping.

There was also a parrotfish and a Porc puffer in the tank as well lol. Thats what 4 fish that ppl commonly say no to w. sharks?

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