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Agu, I'm in Int'l Falls, MN and by tap water I mean I turn on my kitchen faucet and stick a bucket under it. I add some prime, salt, mix for a few hours or days depending on how ambitious I'm feeling. I had a bad hair algea outbreak about a year and a half ago in the 33 gallon posted, back when it was more of a fowlr but I had two other tanks running at the same time with no algea whatsoever. I think it might have been buildup under my cc, I switched it out to sand like my other tanks and the problem went away, this is after I tried lights out, adding a skimmer, lots of water changes, no feeding, etc, etc. I also set up a similar tank (33 gallon, remora skimmer, 260 watt pcs) at my local pet store, they had a quick diatom bloom and some cyano after setup, all of which is gone, this tank is only about 8 months old though.

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