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Originally posted by rob.holbrook

So far everyone says

1. Water Change 20% how often?
2. Replacing filters or buying new RO System
3 Less feeding (I only feed every other day)
4. Less light or change bulbs
I would think about holding off on a water change until you figure out if your RO is putting out 65ppm. If that's real changing water may actually increase the green algae growth. If you switch to Rowa don't put too much in as it will drop your dKH quickly upfront. Maybe think of picking up water at walmart. I think the RO water you can get there has less than 10ppm. I would not change your lighting schedule unless your tank is getting too hot during the photoperiod. It sounds like you may already be stressing some animals in your tank and changing the period will not help.

Out of curiosity what is the pH of your tank during the day and before the lights turn on?

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