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The 250 is overkill IMO unless you NEED a recirc skimmer which I dont believe anybody NEEDS. The BM 250 is rated for 500+ gallons which, if anything like the BM 200, is acurate. Unless you think that you may be changing setups to somewhere around a 500 gallon reef or 400+ with heavy stocking and have a couple hundred extra dollars, stick with the BM 200 and you will have the same great skimming.
The heart of the skimmer is the Sicce pump wich delivers a great water to air ratio that seems to really work in that skimmer body. Extremely small air bubbles are formed. I would imagine the pump will make any skimmer work just as good.
This is just my opinion based on my observations with my own ATI skimmer and the reviews of others that I have read that own the BM 200 and BM 250.

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