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Originally posted by Apone
This is a really great tank.

I feel your tank is one of the best because it goes against the "traditional" methods.

1. You keep multiple large angels in the same tank
2. You keep a good amount of fish in your tank, not just a sparse population like many do.
3. You mix corals with lots of fish, including large angels with the corals, which is typically not done.
4. You dont use a DSB.
5. Lastly, you keep a wet/dry with corals!

I am really glad I found your post. I currently have a well stocked, fish only tank, witha wet/dry myself. Eventually I would like to keep a few corals as well, but everything I have read has always summarized keeping corals by saying: no large angels, no large fish load, and definately no wet/dry.

Your tank is the first I have seen that combines different styles...good job!

Do any of the angels pick on the corals? Also, can you tell me what type of corals those are?


I really wanted to push the limits on this tank. Traditional methods of running a beautiful tank can be mixed to have great success.

Well first off every fish and tank is different. You can not go by the book when mixing livestock. With my Trigger he is docile, he never picks on my snails or my 4 cleaner shrimp. He even gets cleaned just like you would see in the wild. Now if you look at a book it says they are not reef safe. You have to keep your livestock well feed. If my Angels and trigger were not eating enough of the right foods maybe they would nip eat the corals. But this is not the case in my tank! So what it comes down to is every specimen and tank is different. Many people may not agree in what I'm doing with my setup and that is fine they can have their opinions. As long as the fish and corals are healthy water quality is excellent I see no problem at all.

Right now have only a few corals mushrooms, yellow leather coral, frogspawn, and a coral from the brain family of corals. Not sure the name. Never see any fish in the tank nip at any.

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