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I have a 200 with 10 big fish in it also. The secret to keeping it disease free/stree free is to never add any fish after about 3-4 months. My fish never scratch, etc. When I was adding fish all the time I always had ick, fighting the new arrivals, problems. If hdtvguy can stop adding fish soon his tank with be extremely reliable and no problems. Even if one dies in a year, don't replace it. It seems there is always a problem when new fish are added to an established tank. I have had these fish for 6 to 7 years. I also do weekly 20% water changes. Always do the water changes, don't miss any weeks. In all those 7 years, I have never used any RO/DI, etc. I just use plain tap water. Never seems to be a problem with the fish. I have a wet/dry, no live rock, fish only tank. As for Queens, they are a problem. I had 2 in the past. They lived for only 2-3 years, but always had a problem with not eating for a week at a time. One lfs owner said they usually live only about 1 year. He didn't recommend them.

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