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Originally posted by needytang
I do not plan on adding but only 4 other dwarf type fish and of course some kind of a shrimp for this tank. That should follow the inch to fish to water ratio..............I will be adding more live rock in the near future though.
The purple tang, as the first fish in the tank, will more than likely kill any fish you try to add afterwards. They are very aggressive, and only more so in a smaller space. I would trade it in for more peaceful options.

Furthermore, adding live rock = removing free swimming space. Again, not ideal for this fish in a small tank.

Inches of fish to water ratios are pretty much useless in marine tanks, FWIW. So much more depends on aggressiveness of the fish, the niches different fish occupy, and the amount of metabolic waste produced by various fish, among so many other factors.

My opinions here have nothing to do with the happiness or free-range potential of this fish. The fact is a purple tang is an aggressive, active, non-rock hugging, pooping machine. I just think you'll be so much happier with a more appropriate fish in the long run.



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