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Clean up crew for a 5 gal?

I have a juvie female blue damsel and two blue leg hermits in a 5gal nano. I was wondering what could be added to keep the sand evenly turned, keep algae down, and eat excess foods?
I know my two blue leg hermits with help with algae. I know small shimps will also scavenger the rock and the top of the sand. I guess I don't know what could keep the sand churned? I don't know how many more inverts in this tank should be too much. The damsel is not going to be in the 5gal for more than a year. She's about 1'' right now. I like the look of blood shrimp, peppermint shrimp, and cleaner shrimp. I don't need all of those, maybe just two of one kind? I don't know.

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