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300g Starphire Room Divider

Well after loosing my 240g tank from an accident. More info on what happened can be viewed HERE

I have been planning my new tank a 300g 96" X 24" X 30" room divider viewed from 2 sides separating the dinning room and living room. Both 8' viewing panes of glass will be Starphire glass. Tank will have no overflow box going with 2 2" bulkheads for surface skimming same idea as this picture.

[IMG]Image hosted by[/IMG]

Tank will have a closed loop ran from a GenX PC55 with 2 educators for the returns. Sump and all pumps will be in basement. Return pump from sump will still be my old pump Gen X 18000 4750Gph.

I will be updating this thread as the build comes together.

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