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Originally posted by jab502
That is not true. The water does not go through a cycle. The bacteria that could interrupt or start a new cycle are contained in the rock, not in the water, so your fine on water changes.

400 lbs is a tremendous amount of rock for that size of a tank. Is is possible that you have multiple "dead spots" because of the large amount of rock where water flow is unable to reach and allowing heavy amounts of detritus to build up?

Do you have macro algae in your sump? I had a similar problem and my trates went from 25 to 0 almost overnight with the addition of caulerpa and spaghetti algae in my sump.
So... are you saying that I could set up a new tank with say, 100 gallons of newly mixed water with no sand or rocks and drop fish in it and they would be fine?

I used to target feed mojanos... until I found out that they weren't baby bubble tips.
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