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How can I catch a damsel?

So I am trying to hook a yellowtail damsel on a hook.
It is very small hook and I am using pieces of live grass shrimp. The damsel just picks at the bait until it pulls it off the hook.

I'm doing this method because I DO NOT want to, under any circumstances, want to take the rock out!!!!

Oh and just to add more fun to the mix, I have 2 other fish in the tank that want to attack the bait as well! My midas blenny is the worst at trying to take the hook! If only I had to catch this fish and not the other, this would have already been over!!!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to catch this damn fish?
Different bait?
Different method?


12 galllon aquapod reef.
65 gallon reef tank in the process!

Current Tank Info: 12gallon aquapod anda 65 gallon AGA currently in the process :)
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