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Coralife 250w

I'm researching for a new tank and set up (first time) and have some questions about lighting. The tank I want to get is a 55gal 48x 12.5 x21 tall and I have friend who, for all intents and purposes, is giving me a MH coralife 48" 250w light for this setup. My question is will this light be sufficient for this tank? Also, I was planning to get my tank from and they will sell a sump that is matched for the volume of the 55gal for $ 165-does that seem reasonable? Also, also does anyone have suggestions for pumps, jets and in sump skimmers for this setup? Finally, I'm having a hard time finding consistent info on how much LS and LR I will need for this tank. I'm finding different gal/lb ratios all over the web and the book I purchased isn't specific about this.


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