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Waterkeeper, Thanks for getting us on the right track. Our new BioCube has been up three weeks now. After putting in cured LR from the other tank on top of the live sand, then removing the bioballs, the nitrates are about 5 already with one 20% water change so far. To say we are thrilled would be a under statment. Our larger tank is going to take more but its getting better as well after removing half of the bioballs. We are waiting for another additional 70 pounds of LR to cure, then we will get rid to the other half of them. We are also turing our sump into a fuge when we do that.

Here is our question. The LFS sweard by Red Mangrove shoots and Caulerpa, Halimeda algae, and Shaving Brush plants for the fuge. Any opnions would again be greatly appreciated. We are having trouble finding the Cheato.

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