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My new 110 setup. What clean up crew? lots of pics

This is my 110 x-high. It is 2 months old. I have 2 400w 20k mh. 20gal fuge, 10gal sump, Octopus nw-150 skimmer, 2 sureflow maxi-mods on chavet timer, auto top of with diy kalk reactor, and psudo-automatic water change system. So what do yall think? Any questions/comments are appriciated. My photography skills are terrable.

What would you sugest for a clean up crew? I have 10-15 snails and 10-15 hermits (leftovers from 29)?

160lbs live rock
2 green chromis
1 square antheas
1 yellow tang
2 black false clowns
1 coral beauty

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right."
Henry Ford

Current Tank Info: 265 mixed reef, 110 fowlr, 40g fuge, 75g sump.

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