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Originally posted by Fishbulb2
Do you have an airflow meter to confirm how much air your RS80 is pulling with the meshwheel. I've done it in the past on a Sedra3500 and the gain was modest at best. It was about a 1 lpm increase. I really couldn't justify doing it again to a new Sedra 3500 that I have. Also have you measured the wattage of the pump to see if it's using more or less watts than stock?
Unfortunately I don't have an air meter. Stock on the RS80 is 420lph, I read a couple people have seen big increases though, I don't remember how much.

Whats more important than any significant gain is the fact that a Mesh Mod has more surface to impact the bubble when they get chopped. Mesh mods will make the bubbles MUCH smaller, even with the same amount of air its a GIANT gain in surface area. The more surface area you have the more potential to pull out the nasties.

On a different skimmer with the same pump, someone claimed ~35W before the mesh mod, and 26W after. My guess is its less weight to move and while more air is being taken in, it is easier to turn than water.

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