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I just found this thread while sifting through this part of the forum so I'll also post this in here:

In the manual it says to "Be sure to trim or adjust the position of the outlet pipe (#4) so that the bottom where the water exits is ABOVE THE WATER LEVEL, if it is below the water, it will cause the skimmer to surge and make a gurgling sound in the vent pipe. It will also make the skimmer difficult to adjust".

Now my concern is that I purchased the skimmer due to its height being under 23". As of right now the return pipe is about 1-1/2 inches off the ground. I can completely remove the return pipe and just leave the elbow and get a max of 7 inches of water clearance. So the problem is that am I now forced to modify my cabinet to get a higher clearance and put my skimmer on some egg crate to lift it up so that my sump/refugium can be deeper than 7" of water?

Just a note, I have not yet constructed my sump/refugium so any modifications I can do to it, in order to avoid modifying my cabinet would be great

Second note, I still have not put any varnish or stain on my cabinet yet, nor have I built the doors so modifying the cabinet wouldn't be the end of the world if thats the best fix.

Thanks all RC'ers in advance I know you guys will come through.

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