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Question Ph! :-)

Hellow Everyone...

my 11 week old 160 gallon reef is showing a ph of only 7.3 right now.
I had used a buffer and brought it up to 7.9 the other day but it went down to 7.8 all day today and now lights out she is down to 7.3...
I thought Kalkwasser would be the answer but then I realized I cannot use it until the parameters are where they need to be as it will MAINTAIN NOT FIX

I have heard about opening windows and will be trying that....but we have central air so cannot leave those open for long....

I have heard about running a line from skimmer and I may do that but am hoping that I dont have to do that as it effects performance of the skimmer

I have changed about 80 gallons of water in the past 3-4 that dog wont hunt...

Any other suggestions? I think in the old days we used to use a REEF BUILDER or some darn thing.... I used a buffer the other day and it shot my alkalinity up to 11.8 so I dont want to do thattttt is now down to 10.3 today but so is the ph down..not great...

ANY IDEAS would be appreciated, input...thanks everyone! I am stumped!

"My God Reefs are Gorgeous!"

Current Tank Info: 160 gallon reef
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