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For sps the aquaC would probably be the best choice, the spray foam induction really seems to blast the gunk out of the water. Most successful sps tanks I have seen use either aquaC or beckett (knockoff of AquaC's induction system) for the quick extraction factor. The needlewheels seem to leave a little more gunk in the water for longer so it makes them better suited to lps/mixed reefs that need high dissolved organics to flourish.

I have owned a euroreef 250, asm g3, reeflo orca and an aquaC ev400, of these skimmers I would only run the reeflo or the aquac on an sps tank.

If you decide you want to try the aquaC let me know, I have an ev400 with 1" injector & mag24 (runs at approx. 120w on this skimmer) that I'm debating selling for $350. I'm still not sure if I want to let it go or if I want to convert my personal tank to sps....

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