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No, what I meant is that even though the same ingredients, one is a glue and the other is a foam. I would not expect it to perform as a glue in an application that requires shear or any other force/bonding requirements.

I guess a simple test would be to just get some rocks and use both to glue pieces together. I think the glue will be much stronger.
If you are using it just to bond something together that is then having downward pressure applied to it, it may hold together under that circumstance.

Originally posted by hllywd

It's the same material. Polyurethane. I'm pretty certain I can't even pick it out in my tank 4 months later, it's completely grown over. Maybe at some point it all falls apart, I hope not. The way my corals are growing I'll assume it works as a suppliment if it has any effect at all on the tank. The MSDS says it's inert when cured, I guess I can't hope for more than that nor do I feel compelled to argue with the manufacturer.

I feel certain the guys shooting cans of great stuff in their tanks would suffer many more ill effects than the few glue joints I have and that doesn't seem to be the case.


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