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Eh......I'm going to have to say there's something wrong with him, I totally agree with logiktest on this one. You marinate for @ least a few hours first, then fire up that grill and become the grill-master!! And another ear?? *** man, Really an ear?? I'd understand a leg maybe an arm, ribs, rump, thighs or breast!! But an ear?!?! What did she have like giant earlobe's?? When you wack up the 'ol G/F and then "boil" her ear..........well that' know........Well I ain never??

I can see his day's in the pen,

"whatca in her' fer"??

I wacked my G/F and boiled her ear. "UmmWhat??" Yea.

"Hey somtin be wrong wit him, Lets killem now for "boilin" da ear!!"

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