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More water changes usually improve or maintain excellent water quality.
What is going being constantly dilluted out.
Food, trace and other additives good or bad.

The biggie.
Or the thing you worry about with alot of water changes. Concerns delicate or SPS tanks the most.
For example.
Instant Ocean regular salt mix. Comes in with low Alk and Low Ca and therefore SPS folks need to adjust or "account" for this defficiency.
Fish only, most LPS and soft coral tanks....not too much to worry about.

As long as you are aging overnight...letting the fresh mix reach dissolving and ionic and pH balance by mixing it with a powerhead is best with an airstone and heating it to the exact temp of your tank.

It's ready to go. Checking the pH once in a while just to see it's in the 8 to 8.3 range is a good idea so that you know what things start out at. Some may do this all the time...but maybe I'm a bad example but I do not check the pH of new mix that often. Oh and in case you didn't know. The best method is to add salt to the water while mixing and not filling water up over dry salt.


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