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Originally posted by Randy Holmes-Farley
It is the equilibration of CO2 to stabilize pH that is one factor that takes time.
Now if I could only figure out this problem! Now, I have a section of cyano that popped up on one rock! I know it can't be water flow because right now I am running with a Penguin 350, a Magnum 350, & 2 maxi-jet 1200's on the tank. I'm reading at zero phosphates (however, I read that the phosphate test kit may not give accurate readings), and the only thing that is very apparent is the fluctuation of pH from morning to night! I'm assuming that it may be coming from the pH fluctuation due to CO2. Last night the pH was 8.0, this morning 7.8.

I sure wish summer would hurry up and get here, so I could open the windows!


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