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Although I did read the article I assume that this article mainly referres to people feeding a main diet of (just) life feeder fishes of any type. I myself am in agreement with not feeding marines only Live fishes but I am against not feeding them any feeders at all regardless of whether you are using freshwater feeders or not.
I have a pretty set diet for my mairnes which consists of 1 dozen lrge goldfishes per week. But I also feed them 1 dozen frozen minnows per wk, seeweed every morning and freeze dried plangton every day. I feed them frozen brine and bloodworms roughly every other day alternating between the two. I also feed them Live bloodworms once every month or two. I believe whole heartedly in a well balanced diet and live feeders for me are an integral part of their diet. I personally feel that feeders help to add proper oils as well as helping to keep the immune systems nice and strong to help fight against various diseases.

I do believe strongly that if you can find a supplier that believes in keeping the feeders in a very clean environment that any chance of disease is reduced considerably.

This is my personal opinion after hobbying in freshwater and marine for the past 30 yrs.
But I am still very impressed with the article.

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