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Looks like you are not the only one in this boat. I just got to my new home in Seattle this afternoon to find the place cleaned out.

I dropped off half my stuff before Christmas and bought all the family presents once I got up here. They took it all . . . the 42" plasma and HD DVD player I bought for the family plus all of my son's 1st birthday presents. Now I don't even have a bed to sleep in or clothes to wear aside from the backpack I have been living out of for two weeks.

Oh, and my yellow tang died on the trip up.

Now I have to get on a plane to Kansas City in a few hours for some New Years gig.

Needless to say, I am now quite unhappy and so broke I can't replace anything I just shelled out a ton of money to have moved up here . . . or even buy new presents for my son's birthday tomorrow.

The extra kick in the pants is losing my wedding ring somewhere between Redding, CA and Medford, WA. I didn't take it off . . . I don't remeber catching it on anything. It is just gone. The wife is awful ****ed and I can't afford to replace that either.

I would curse at this point but then I would just get kicked off RC too . . .


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