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Originally Posted by cmdrstoneey View Post
hello my name is ian and i have coral banded cat shark hatched from an egg eating 15 ghost shrimp a week seems to be doing will but what else can i feed him? and what is a goo place to find sharks for sale and what is a good recommendation for a shark tank?

Not sure how big your coral cat is, but it will probably take frozen food. I do recommend adding a vitamin with iodine supplement if feeding frozen foods.. Depending on the size, they like squid, earthworms, krill, mysis, conch, table shrimp, and possibly fish. They tend to become more aggressive with feeding as they get around 7 inches. If it just hatched, try frozen mysis or worms.

As for finding sharks for sale. It all depends on what you are looking for. I do not know your tank size, but for the eppies, coral and marbled cats, gray and brown banded bamboos your LFS would likely be able to bring them in for you. I would consider LA DD a reputable online source and I have personally acquired some great, healthy specimens from them. You can even put in a request and they will often get it. You just have to be quick with purchasing it because it is first come first serve. I'm sure there are others. If you are looking into rare and cooler water species, PM me and I can pass on a couple of contacts.

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