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hey Alprazo! and everybody else too!!
Ive been working with a breeding group of C. griseum. The grey bamboo shark. In my opinion this species is THE most suitable aquarium species that should be much more available than other carpet sharks i.e. Brown-Banded Bamboo, White-Spotted Bamboo, Common Eppies (even tho their low activity levels make them suitable, but their 3ft average length can be a problem) etc. Without getting to in depth, unless anyone is interested in hearing the info, Grey Bamboos are extremely hardy. Partly because of their natural locales and their endemic regions, which span quite far throughout the Indo-Pacific. Anyway, they average a usual 24" in captivity. Max. size ( keep in mind this figure may be the largest individual ever caught in the wild, which in statistics is called an Outlier, an anomaly compared to the majority) is 28-30". You will probably never see this size C. griseum unless it is collected at that size or is in public aquaria. Needless to say, with most mass production aquariums being at their widest 24" a juvenile and even subadult Griseum would be perfectly suited in such tanks as standard 180 gallons (6x2x2). As with all adult sharks and especially pairs and or groups, a larger or custom tank is much more suitable.

Im extremely happy to see a Primer for sharks. And i hope everybody reads it before making that first impulse purchase of a shark egg or hatchling Brown-banded bamboo that are "so cute" and so commonly available. Hopefully, knock on wood, my group will be producing viable eggs well within the next 3-4 months. Im extremely excited and Im really hoping that the more suitably sized carpet sharks become more available than the usual 4 footers+.

Any questions, definitely ask, and props to Alprazo, hes definitely the man to ask anything regarding Elasmobranchii. Thanks!

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