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Hey, sorry for the delay... long holiday Treatment will be prep'd as you both suggest. Yes I do have a QT that would hold them for the duration of the treatment, question... If there is no need for the treatment and we go through with treating them, is there any negatives to that? Other than some stress? The seeing, it has always been the case I would say. I obtained both eggs from a wholesaler about 2 months between eachother. One hatched naturally and one was helped. Both waited between 6-8 days before eating, they are fed daily, small amounts. I do not notice anything on the eyes though, they are not cloudy or seem to have anything on them. Like a cats eye in the mid days sun though, that little slit My photo period I would assume could be considered rigid, 12 on 12 off 175MH. Now another question would be this, the aquarium that the eggs were placed into had been fallow for 7 to 8 weeks they were the only introduction. Is it possible for them to obtain parasites within the egg while developing? Interesting if so. The 240 is just a stepping stone, as a "large" tank was to you Grim and Alprazo before building one I also need to PM you further on something Grim, if ya don't mind. I do greatly appreciate your time, thank you.


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