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Hypo is not the best way to treat sharks. They are very sensitive to changes in salinity. They have a different type of Osmoregulatory system than bony fish. It is said that sharks MAY be able to carry ich but not become infected, so the only solution would be to keep the shark in the QT tank for a long enough time for any Crypt cysts, free floaters or parasites to die off, if they were introduced with the shark. Sort of like letting a tank run fish-free or fallow after an Ich outbreak, only having the shark be the only resident. From what I know, Cryptocarryon irritans needs a bony fish to feed off of, I believe that the sharks dermal denticles and tough skin would prevent the parasite from feeding. This is what makes me draw the conclusion that a fallow tank with just the shark will ultimately eradicate the parasites. If some new research indicates that Crypt. can host on sharks, then you will need to use one of the following drugs: Quinine and Chloroquine. There are several public aquariums that have used Seachems Cupramine on Eppies, but with rigorous monitoring and testing. Some have experienced a complete loss of appetite whereas others had complete success!You would also be well off to use this time in the QT to treat the shark with Prazi. This will remove any ecto-parasites and or worms. Many sharks can be hosts to different types of nematodes or parasitic copepods, which this takes care of, as well as internal worms and such. Prazi can often be a shark keepers best friend.

However, do not Combine any medications! Check for Contra-Indications wherever you can. I believe there are several webpages on Manufacturers websites listing there meds and what not to ever mix with it. Its always best to do one at a time, even just for stress reasons as well.
Good luck!

Apologies if you only wanted Alprazo and Im sure he will be along shortly to help you as well. Just my experience.

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