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If the shark is that newly hatched, I wouldn't treat it with any medication. Its hard enough getting newly hatched sharks to eat as is. You don't want to stress such a small animal even further. I would give it weeks before even considering meds, a simple QT with just the shark in it, and observation should be fine. Use a small enough tank so that you spot feed the little guy when hes ready to eat, usually after a week of being hatched, sometimes longer, sometimes never and they starve to death.

I assume its a Brown Banded Bamboo shark, and if so, I hope you have a fairly large tank. They average above 3 feet in length as adults, if well cared for, sometimes larger. I would consider not purchasing the shark, unless you already have. These are very care-intensive animals, which require specialized set-ups and extensive Life Support Systems. Keeping them along with bony fish increases difficulty because you cant use many medications on the bony fish with shark present in the system. I would do a lot of reading, Bob Fenners website is full of baby shark Q&A's and FAQs. Browse through that site and see what many people have gone through time and time again.

If you happen to have a 1000 gallon tank, then I apologize.

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