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Holyhands- With the dimensions of that tank, the Atelomycterus spp. tropical cat sharks would definitely enjoy the length, and of the three trop. spp. the biggest averages 24" so the width wouldn't be as much of a problem. I believe you will enjoy their more active nature. The will love swimming that 10ft+ length!
A. marmoratus = Coral catshark - most commonly available.
A. macleayi = Marbled catshark
A. baliensis = Bali catshark

There are also better suited Bamboos and eppies.
As posted above The PNG (H. hallstromi) eppie.
The Gray bamboo (C. griseum), Arabian Bamboo (C. arabicum/confusum), Hasselt's Bamboo (C. hasselti - Not recommended), and a couple other species that are never seen in N. America for some reason, however.

So don't choose just the most popular, the Brown Banded, because of its availability. If you can find some videos of adults of that species, they get long and thick and look like Nurse sharks!! Nothing like that cute little black and white guy that comes out of that four inch egg case. lol!
Good Luck

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