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Actually, marine shrimp are the preferred food (depending on the species being kept, of course....a piscevorious species may prefer or be specialized for fish rather than crustaceans, so knowing as much as you can about each individual species that you have or intend to keep is a big assist)

In cases where you have smaller predatory species that refuse all but living food, gut loaded pet shop ghosties may be the best you have to make do with until you can train your specimen over to frozen seafood pieces that will give it a more nutritious and varied diet.

Here in Florida, ghost shrimp occur naturally in all naturally ocurring environments, fresh, brackish and marine, and I suspect that some may be the same species that can slowly adapt, but that's not something that I know for certain, just an educated guess.

Likewise, I suspect gut loaded mollies, also a brackish water species, may serve as a temporary food for finicky species that initally demand live food only.....the predator gets the food value of the shrimp or the molly, plus the food value of a good marine flake that's in the system as well, not perfect, but better by far than just freshwater feeders.


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