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As Ed pointed out, by living here in Florida,I (and anyone else living along either coast) am much more fortunate than the article points out, the vitamins and minerals in freshwater organisms simply can't supply a balanced diet sufficient for most marine creatures.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that MOST of these fish don't have to have a diet of nothing but live fish, and if you start thinking "outside the box" (or "outside the pet shop") you can end up with a much better diet for far less than people realize.

The frozen seafood section of any good supermarket offers fish, shellfish and crustaceans for human consumption, which SEEMS expensive, but if you take a pound of fresh shellfish or fish, cut it up into suitable sized pieces and freeze it into baggies that can be thawed out for, say 3 days at a time, you've got a good diet that can go a lot further than many prepared foods.

A strip of fish flesh, impaled on the end of a plastic feeding stick, can be waved to entice the majority of predatory species and go a long ways.


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