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I see other sites selling what they call saltwater feeder shrimp that call them ghost shrimp. The listings say "live and reproduce in saltwater", "best used to feed large fish since they consume alot of pods". I'm curious whether these are the same as the saltwater white shrimp sold on liveaquaria? Is the term "ghost shrimp" not specific to one type of fresh/brackish shrimp?

I was considering ordering a bunch of saltwater white shrimp from I'd order them in the 'tiny' size for my juvenile frogfish.

I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on a tank setup to keep a supply of these SW feeder shrimp. I have a 100g rubbermaid stock tank refugium but it doesn't sound like it would be wise to keep 50 - 100 feeder shrimp in there -- an army of shrimp would wipe out the pods in the fuge I'd think. They are food for my main tank's mandarin, he wouldn't be too happy. ;-) I'm not opposed to setting up a tank just to house feeders.

Another question is -- has anyone propagated white shrimp in a refugium-style setup?

I'd prefer to feed my frogfish live sw prey but he is currently quite small. His main head/body is about the size of a quarter.

I've been feeding the frogfish small guppies after I feed the guppies some SW granule type food that I've pulverized small enough for them to eat. I haven't acclimated the guppies to saltwater yet. I nudge the frogfish into a specimen tray and drop a guppy in there for him. I'm working on feeding from airline tube feeder stick made of rigid airline with flex airline on the end.. which has a fishing line fed through it. Food is skewered on the end of the fishing line. Someone on the frogfish files thread suggested it.

Thanks for any info/suggestions, and for the info I already got from this thread.

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